Ryde Aquatic Centre is better known to most people as the Sydney 2000 Olympic water polo venue.  This exceptionally large aquatic venue had a very demanding set of requirements as it needed to fulfill two quite separate functions:  Firstly, it had to present Australia on the world stage as a high-technology world-standard olympic venue; but secondly it had to function as a fully working community aquatic and sporting facility after the Olympics, while maintaining economic feasability.


Extensive briefing of the client and stakeholders was the key to Donovan Payne Architects’ success.  This involved defining the exact requirements of not only known users, but projected future conditions as well.  Ryde Aquatic Centre now consists of 25 and 50 metre pools, wave pool, water play areas, spa and sauna facilities, disability program pool, turbo channel, sporting courts and facilities, gymnasium, offices, and cafe spaces.  To this day, Ryde stands as one of the largest and most successful aquatic centres in Australia.


Olympic Standard

Ryde Aquatic Centre is an Olympic ‘FINA’ standard complex. Every pool has been strictly designed in accordance with world standards and represents the best of Australian swimming facilities.


One of the most important criteria for the centre was to remain functional long after the Olympics had been completed. To this day, Ryde Aquatic Centre is still a vibrant and important part of the local community, and is delivering on its promises to the area.

Ground Breaking

Donovan Payne Architects have been at the forefront of aquatic design in Australia since their founding several decades ago. In this time we have brought Australia from our origins of the local home swimming pool to world class facilities such as Bayswater waves and Ryde Aquatic Centre.
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