Piara Waters sports pavilion is now complete, and we’re very happy with how our ‘glowing eaves’ concept has turned out!



Piara Waters is the new community and sports pavilion south of the river.  It contains meeting and function rooms, change facilities, and full accessibility to ensure that the whole community can use the space.

Piara Waters pavilion is consistent with out general philosophical design approach for community buildings.  We recognise that these must be both robust and yet as elegant and beautiful as we can make them.  We believe this approach allows the community to embrace the building – respecting and appreciating it; and hopefully loving it.

Our focus for the project was using a minimal amount of lighting and heating energy, and maximising the panoramic view of the sporting ovals.  Using a multi-layered polycarbonate shell on concealed steel frame, we have been able to achieve very good insulation values while allowing the whole structure to permeate natural light.  During the day, the eaves allow additional light into the function rooms and other spaces, and at night they present as a glowing Icon for the Piara Waters community.

One of our favourite achievements is the 3-dimensionally curved steel shade structure over the playground area.  Scott Oswald design a series of 2-dimensionally curved steel sections that – when welded together – produce a subtly twisting structure that supports the double-curved shade membrane.  This structure is very efficient and allowed us to use less steel, which creates a beautiful structure with few supports.