Leonora Aquatic Centre is probably most famous for is Donovan Payne custom-design Noddy car in the leisure pool.  This waterplay element has proved so popular that several copies have popped up in other locations around Australia!

Leonora, situated in the Western Australian gold fields, is an icon of remote, rural communities.  Donovan Payne Architects have done several projects in Leonora, building a strong rapport with the shire, and its stakeholders.  The remoteness of the location make it a challenging job to execute, however we have developed strong systems for remote Architects work.  Donovan Payne developed a comprehensive plan for meetings, phone, and email contact with the client and stakeholders to ensure that the briefing process was thorough and accurate.

The extreme weather conditions that Leonora experiences meant that Donovan Payne had to develop strong passive environmental strategies from the outset of the project.  Combined with the strong client contact, and appropriate material and construction selections, we were able to create a vibrant and culturally appropriate community centre that has added to this iconic mining town’s character.

Due to the success of this project, Donovan Payne are currently doing several more projects in the shire and surrounding areas.


Cultural Centre

Donovan Payne have been working with the Shire of Leonora for over a decade, with our main purpose to increase the culture and sense of community through inclusive Architecture. Leonora Aquatic Centre has become a focal point for the community, and the way the locals have cared for it are a testament to this.

Tight Site

The site for these Aquatic facilities were especially tight at well under a quarter the size of typical pool complexes. By creating multi-functional zones that could be used for both sport and leisure, the small site has not resulted in any less facilities!

Strong Relationships

The Shire of Leonora didn’t want their remote location to hold back the facilities. Situated almost 8 hours drive inland from Perth, it is very difficult for most Architects to engage with the clients. By making the time to visit the site and community several times during the project, Donovan Payne have established a strong relationship that has now stood the test of several more projects.


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