Donovan Payne’s concept design has been reviewed by funding committees and we are expecting to proceed to full documentation over the next few months.

This exciting project will be focused on material efficiency, as building out in rural areas means that all materials must be trucked to site – a very long drive! To aid this process, we will be making use of pre-fabricated composite wall panels and roof panels. These panels come with extremely high insulation properties that will protect the building from the harsh Leonora sun.

One of the most difficult and interesting aspects of the design was fitting the building in with century-old historical buildings which will stand for a long time into the future. We didn’t want to force historical qualities onto this modern new facility, however it needed to fit onto the site and into the streetscape.

Our focus has been on using glue-laminated timber and perforated aluminium screening to give the building a strong modern appearance, while referencing the colours and materials naturally found in the area.

As with all Donovan Payne buildings, the design will be heavily focused on material efficiency, passive solar design, and environmental performance. We are looking forward to getting into documentation over the next few months!