The shire of Derby is situated in remote Western Australia, to the east of Broome.  Due to Donovan Payne’s specialised experience in dealing with remote communities and difficult rural builds, we were commissioned to design community swimming and waterplay facilities.  Remote builds pose unique challenges to Architects due to the lack of direct exposure to the site and its inhabitants.  Donovan Payne developed a comprehensive plan of site visits, phone contact and regular email contact to ensure that all stakeholders and client input was successfully incorporated into the brief.


Unlike the large Aquatic complexes of Ryde, NSW and Mandurah, WA; derby required a modest and appropriate facility that offered plenty of fun for different age groups while recognising tight budget constraints – every dollar of construction cost in Derby is almost twice what it would cost in Perth!  We were happy to oblige, and there was still plenty of room for waterplay elements and fun additions.  After creating a successful brief that satisfied all parties, Donovan Payne Architects carefully selected materials and construction methods that would be appropriate for the extreme remoteness of Derby.  As the photos show, the community has wholeheartedly embrace the facilities and it has become a major centre for the Shire of Derby.


Tight Budget

As Derby is so far from the source of building materials and labour, construction costs are significantly higher than they are in the city. Donovan Payne brought their experience in rural building to ensure that not only was the budget met, but that the design’s function wasn’t compromised at all.

Waterplay Theme

One of the most important features of community aquatic facilties is the addition of waterplay elements. By engaging the younger crowds from 1 year old to 15 years old, the facility takes on the role of a social hub that connects the community. The pool is going well, and gets extremely busy!


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