Claremont pool was a major pool refurbishment for the City of Claremont, consisting of a major re-sculpt, re-tile and upgrade to pool plant facilities.  The result was a serious transformation from an out-dated set of pools to a modern and vibrant standard.  The addition of shade structures around the pool have increase its functionality for the users.  At the time when the original Claremont pool was constructed, Australia saw pools as a place for exercise – swimming laps.  Over the evolution of pools in Australia we have gone from such a strict functionality to realising a much more dynamic relationship with pool users.


These days people swim laps, use spa features, play in waterplay zones, sunbathe, rehabilitate and even have barbecues on location.  Donovan Payne’s approach was to vastly increase the possibility of these other uses to maximise the potential of the pool.  The result is a modern facility ready for many decades to come.


Major Refurbishment

Although ever Architect loves to create a new vision from scratch, we also love the challenges associated with upgrading older facilities to meet more modern uses. Claremont Pool complex is a classic example of our passion to improve the built environment. Also the swimmers love it!


The new facilities are ready for the users of today including a strong focus on equal access for people with disabilities. Pool complexes of today need to meet many more functions than swimming laps, and Claremont Pool is now ready for that future.


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