Choa Chu Kang in Singapore is the home of the Warriors – Champions of Singapore’s national top-tier professional S-League.  The Singapore Sports Council commissioned Elton Roade Architects and Donovan Payne Architects to design a new Stadium and Aquatic Centre under their “Sports for all” campaign.  At the time, Singapore’s aquatic facilities were entirely focused on sporting and competition.  There were few aquatic leisure and community facilities within the country, and even these consisted of the standard lap pool designs.

Through strong communication and briefing with the Singaporean sports council, Donovan Payne delivered an entirely new model of aquatic facilities to Singapore, consisting of a wave pool, leisure pool facilities, lazy river, lap pool, and waterplay facilities.  In conjunction with the Stadium component, and community street food sections, the complex has successfully created a vibrant community complex that is many things to different groups: the home of the Singapore Warrriors, an open jogging facility for the strong Choa Chu Kang jogging community, a family leisure complex, and a community melting pot for surrounding residents.


Since its completion the facility has won several awards including the Dulux Colour Award, A builders award, and a Merit from the Singapore Institute of Architects.  The facility still stands in the centre of the community today.


Award Winning

The facilities at Choa Chu Kang were revolutionary in Singapore at the time of their design. While other pools were all rectangular lap pools, Donovan Payne introduced a new way of enjoying aquatic facilities that have proven extremely popular over the building’s life.


Donovan Payne has shown strong experience in working Locally, Rurally and Internationally. The challenges of international Architecture are similar to designing in remote locations – costs are different and communication must be planned. The solutions are also equally simple: lots of face to face communication! Donovan Payne visited the site and clients several times over the design and construct process and ensured a top result that was appropriate to the community.

Still Peforming

Donovan Payne sent a senior member to Choa Chu Kang in 2013 to perform a post-occupancy analysis. The facilities are still being used today and are still a focal point for the community. This is a testament to the quality of the original design.


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