Leonora Offices Gets a Win at the National Timber Design Awards!

We are extremely proud to be the winners of the Landscape category at 2017’s National Timber Design Awards. Click through to see the photos!

Bold Park Aquatic Centre Complete

We are very proud to have completed the Bold Park Aquatic Centre in Floreat, WA.

Having spent the last 30 years at the forefront of sustainable Aquatic Centre technologies, Donovan Payne wanted to take this building one step further by using nature’s most sustainable resource: timber.  While other materials rely heavily on mining and other destructive processes, timber structures can be built from re-planted forests to ensure that we are not leaving tomorrow’s generation with less than we have today.  Using timber certified by the forestry stewardship council of Australia, the building settles into its beautiful bush landscape, and makes a clear statement to the community about environmental design.

The other joy of using timber is the warmth that it brings to public spaces; creating welcoming and unique spaces for the community to enjoy.  We have combined this with large operable walls around the leisure pool, as well as around the reception areas, so that the building can be fully opened up to […]

Armadale Offices

We have just finished rendering out the concept design for an Armadale Office project.  This was a fantastic chance to flex our design muscles and focus on blending a very large building into the edge of the business area.  After testing out dozens of schemes, we’ve uploaded our two favourite concepts below.  

Goldfields Offices to be Documented

Donovan Payne’s concept design has been reviewed by funding committees and we are expecting to proceed to full documentation over the next few months.

This exciting project will be focused on material efficiency, as building out in rural areas means that all materials must be trucked to site – a very long drive! To aid this process, we will be making use of pre-fabricated composite wall panels and roof panels. These panels come with extremely high insulation properties that will protect the building from the harsh Leonora sun.

One of the most difficult and interesting aspects of the design was fitting the building in with century-old historical buildings which will stand for a long time into the future. We didn’t want to force historical qualities onto this modern new facility, however it needed to fit onto the site and into the streetscape.

Our focus has been on using glue-laminated timber and perforated aluminium screening to give the building a strong modern appearance, […]

Mandurah Aquatic Centre Ready for Construction

The Mandurah Aquatic Centre Tender will be completing over the next few weeks and will be gearing up to start construction.  This exciting project will take roughly 17 months to complete.

The newly refurbished centre will include a new 50 metre lap pool, new club room facilities, spectator seating, a new leisure pool, and a refurbished 25 metre pool.  Our focus has been on bringing the centre into the 21st century with a modern and inviting facade, as well as a clean and accessible interior.  The entire project will be accessible to people with disabilities by incorporating pool ramps and a universal floor height throughout.  At the request of the City of Mandurah, Donovan Payne has also designed a ‘Changing Places Room’.  This room meets a much higher level of care for people with learning disabilities and will help the entire community to enjoy the new facilities.

We are very excited to get the project started!



We are […]

Ryde Olympic Aquatic Centre


Ryde Aquatic Centre is better known to most people as the Sydney 2000 Olympic water polo venue.  This exceptionally large aquatic venue had a very demanding set of requirements as it needed to fulfill two quite separate functions:  Firstly, it had to present Australia on the world stage as a high-technology world-standard olympic venue; but secondly it had to function as a fully working community aquatic and sporting facility after the Olympics, while maintaining economic feasability.


Extensive briefing of the client and stakeholders was the key to Donovan Payne Architects’ success.  This involved defining the exact requirements of not only known users, but projected future conditions as well.  Ryde Aquatic Centre now consists of 25 and 50 metre pools, wave pool, water play areas, spa and sauna facilities, disability program pool, turbo channel, sporting courts and facilities, gymnasium, offices, and cafe spaces.  To this day, Ryde stands as one of the largest and most successful aquatic centres in Australia.




The BEC Pearl Room Offices are a luxury set of offices at Burswood Entertainment Centre.  A high level of finish was required, with ample natural lighting and ventilation to create the best possible working environment.  Through a strong consultation process with the client, we narrowed down the brief to their exact requirements.  The result is a very high level of finish that is incomparable to a standard set of offices.  Combined with the environmentally sustainable design principles employed, the working atmosphere in these spaces is optomised to create a sense of lightness, atmospheric comfort, and natural acoustic levels.