50m Pool

Murray Leisure Centre


Murray Leisure Centre was designed with a focus on Environmentally Sustainable Principles.  The local council needed a large set of facilities that could run very efficiently, without sacrificing on function.  Donovan Payne Architects believe that to generate truly sustainable design, it must be incorporated from the outset of the project.  Passive design measures were fully employed, including ample natural daylighting, low internal solar radiation, large natural ventilation, calculated use of louvres and thermal loads, and low-conduction transparent materials instead of glass.


The result has been a very large aquatic complex that needs very little artificial lighting and ventilation, and provides and excellent comfort level both visually and environmentally for the community.  The shire of Murray is reaping the rewards of sustainable design through lower running costs, and higher environmental satisfaction of both the pool users and the staff who need to use the space every day.




Claremont pool was a major pool refurbishment for the City of Claremont, consisting of a major re-sculpt, re-tile and upgrade to pool plant facilities.  The result was a serious transformation from an out-dated set of pools to a modern and vibrant standard.  The addition of shade structures around the pool have increase its functionality for the users.  At the time when the original Claremont pool was constructed, Australia saw pools as a place for exercise – swimming laps.  Over the evolution of pools in Australia we have gone from such a strict functionality to realising a much more dynamic relationship with pool users.


These days people swim laps, use spa features, play in waterplay zones, sunbathe, rehabilitate and even have barbecues on location.  Donovan Payne’s approach was to vastly increase the possibility of these other uses to maximise the potential of the pool.  The result is a modern facility ready for many decades to come.



Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre


Donovan Payne Architects was awarded the architectural commission and presented with a concept design and costing which had been previously prepared by Thomson Marquis / Ian Howard and Prior Cheney Architects from Melbourne. It was very soon apparent that the plan produced did not satisfy the functional requirements and that the project had been severely under-costed.

Donovan Payne Architects worked with Council to redefine the project and produced a new functional design brief and costing.

Donovan Payne Architects provided full architectural, engineering and costing services and superintended the construction of the project that was completed, within budget in 2008.

Functional planning involved the successful integration of new indoor aquatic facilities with the existing sports centre and indoor pool.

Existing facilities included:

  • Refurbished the existing indoor 25m pool
  • Refurbished the existing pool concourse
  • Renovated and refurbished the existing timber structure, ceilings and spectator seating to the pool hall
  • Upgraded existing pool hydraulics, disinfection, chemical storage and delivery systems

New facilities included:

  • Indoor 25m pool with combined Turbo Channel, Learn to […]