We are very proud to have completed the Bold Park Aquatic Centre in Floreat, WA.

Having spent the last 30 years at the forefront of sustainable Aquatic Centre technologies, Donovan Payne wanted to take this building one step further by using nature’s most sustainable resource: timber.  While other materials rely heavily on mining and other destructive processes, timber structures can be built from re-planted forests to ensure that we are not leaving tomorrow’s generation with less than we have today.  Using timber certified by the forestry stewardship council of Australia, the building settles into its beautiful bush landscape, and makes a clear statement to the community about environmental design.

The other joy of using timber is the warmth that it brings to public spaces; creating welcoming and unique spaces for the community to enjoy.  We have combined this with large operable walls around the leisure pool, as well as around the reception areas, so that the building can be fully opened up to become one with the outside on nice days.  Natural light is drawn far into the building by the use of high-level clerestory windows.  The windows also function to maintain the air quality.  The building is primarily naturally ventilated, using high-level louvres and concealed grilles on the northern side of the building.

To complement our other sustainable statements, we have included a large vertical garden in the lobby – this automatically irrigated system will provide joy to all ages, and hopefully inspire the next generation of Architects to bring more nature and sustainable practices into their buildings.

Timbers used:

  • Australian White Cypress
  • Radiata Pine
  • Blackbutt
  • Vic Ash
  • Hoop Pine

Major Sustainable Technologies and Designs:

  • Solar Hot Water system to provide primary heating to the pools.
  • Backup high-efficiency heat pumps to provide top-up in poor weather.
  • Solar Hot Water boost to showers.
  • Fan-assisted natural ventilation loop, minimizing dependence on air conditioning.
  • Protected northern facade and large shading overhangs to control solar heat gain throughout the day.
  • Insulated shell, exceeding minimum requirements.
  • Storm water infiltration on site to recharge the local groundwater system.
  • Natural light access to all rooms (including cleaners, store rooms etc) to minimise the need for artificial lighting.
  • High efficiency lighting system to reduce energy usage.
  • Preference for sustainable materials throughout the design: timber structure and linings; Green-tag certified low-VOC vinyls; bolted steel for ease of recycling; and granite paving for ease of recycling/re-laying.
  • Native Australian plantings throughout the car park.