Bayswater Waves was a cutting edge Aquatic complex completed for the Bayswater City Council.  The main focus of the centre was on bringing in new technologies to create a large and vibrant facility for the general community.  Front and centre in this design was the 25 metre x 25 metre wave pool and waterslide facilities, creating unique interest in the centre and differentiating it from other facilities.  Bayswater also includings a children’s pool, spa, sauna, steam room, 25 metre lap pool, and a heated program pool, servicing all elements of the community.

In addition to the emphasis on high-technology facilities, Donovan Payne focussed heavily on creating the best possible Environmentally Sustainable outcomes throughout the project.  This included state-of-the-art ozone filtration and de-humidification as well as passive solar design including building orientation, solar calculations, and natural ventilation.  The result was a comfortable, exciting, and welcoming space, with a lower operational cost and excellent community support.


Award Winning

Due to the innovative features employed in Bayswater Waves Aquatic Centre, Donovan Payne won several awards, including the LIWA Facilities Design Award, the WA Governement Energy Efficiency Innovation Award, and the Hardie Award.

Maximum Waterplay

The City of Bayswater wanted the best in waterplay features, and Donovan Payne delivered with an innovative wave pool – the first of its kind in the entire state. Today the waterplay elements are still performing and entertaining kids and adults alike.


I am convinced that our architects, engineers, building contractors and materials suppliers have delivered the finest and most technically sophisticated centre of its kind in the country.
M. Carosella, CEO - Bayswater City Council
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